Sunday, January 8, 2017

[Instiz] South Korea: a Country that's Obsessed with Celebrities

How is Jo Jung Suk related to an English conversation ad?

How is a pretty celebrity connected to a toothpaste commercial?

How is an native English speaker related to an ad for hotels?

Don't know why Jung Joon Young is being associated with an ad for TOEIC

Why is a Korean-American singer associated with a TOEIC ad? 
They should've used Kim Young Chul instead 
(T/N: Kim Young Chul is known for teaching himself English)

Don't know why an idol is associated with a TOEIC ad

An ahjusshi that seems like he's never done a part-time job before and a popular idol
(T/N: They're models for a part-time job search app lol)

How is a top star related to an ad for a part-time job app?

To the advertisers, the toothpaste's brand model is more important than the ingredients

Not sure if this ad for pads is supposed to be a pad commercial or a makeup commercial

Not sure if this pad ad is supposed to be a commercial for pads or a fashion photoshoot

Not sure if this chicken ad wants me to eat chicken or stare at celebrities

How is Kim Yuna's dancing relevant for an ad that's selling insurance?

Ramen commercial

Not sure if it's supposed to be a celebrity photoshoot or an ad for mobile carriers

Celebrities that appear on ads targeted to new hires

OP then talks about how Korea's lifestyle is constantly connected to celebrities and how scary it is that people find it odd now whenever celebrities don't come out on an ad.

Why do broadcast companies broadcast parties that are specifically for them at the end of the year?

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1. Completely agree 

2. I really agree with the last point (the end of the year award shows).. Not sure why we're supposed to be interested in a party that's specifically for them or why they cancel shows to air the award shows
↳ 22
↳ 33 I want to watch something else!
↳ 44444

3. Our country's not only too involved with celebrity culture but also the people around them... ㅠㅠ

4. In my opinion, I don't agree

5. I agree with the award shows but for advertisements, I think using celebrities is the easiest way of marketing... If celebrities didn't do it, who else will... They might use celebrities because if people who are well-known and have good images advertise their products, people might think: "Ah... that ad with so-and-so?" and will connect the model to the product. 
↳ And for the award shows, I agree they air way too many but I don't know what to say when you call them a party that's only held for the celebrities... TVs show celebrities.. What else are they supposed to show?