Sunday, January 8, 2017

[PANN] Clearing Up AOA's Behavior on Knowing Bros

T/N: Basically, there's been buzz around the portal sites over AOA's appearance on 아는 형님 (Knowing Bros) and people have been criticizing the members, especially Chanmi, because some people thought some of the members were being rude/mean to Seolhyun. 
  • TBH the OP isn't really clearing anything up, they're just listing all the "shit" AOA did towards Chanmi on Knowing Bros
  • I even watched the episode and it didn't seem bad at all. The only things that rubbed me the wrong way was them calling her childhood blanket dirty and ranking her no-makeup face last cause she's darker than them ㅡㅡ

1. The other members brought Seolhyun's cherished item as their prize for the Knowing Bros members 
  • (T/N: On KB, most guests give the KB cast a gift (e.g. signatures from the drama/movie they're promoting, kiss on the cheek, etc) 

2. Seolhyun has the lowest ranking no-makeup face and Chanmi says it's because she's darker.
  • During one of their question for the segment of "Get to Know Me" (T/N: The guests bring their own questions and the KB cast has to guess the right answers), the girls all of a sudden asked the KB cast to guess what the line-up order meant and they were all starting to line up and some of the girls were pushing Seolhyun to the back of the line. The KB cast asked what the line-up order represented and they said it represented the ranking of their no makeup faces. One of the cast members asked why Seolhyun was the one at the end and Chanmi said that Seolhyun is the most different from her makeup face and because she's 까무잡잡 (meaning she's dark). 

3. The four members stated that the purpose of them coming onto the show was to become more popular than Seolhyun.

4. Chanmi calling out Seolhyun for her "fake" smile 
  • The KB cast were talking about success and the topic of owning a house came up and Seolhyun said that even though she doesn't currently own a house, she's happy because she gets to work and have a busy schedule. 
(Chanmi: That smile is fake!)
(Chanmi: That's the smile she uses for her commercials!)

5. Badmouths Seolhyun's childhood blanket
  • Seolhyun's question for the segment was: "What is something I cannot live without?" and she was talking about her childhood blanket/blankie and then Chanmi said: "It's dirty/gross" and another AOA member brought up how they tried to snatch it away from her because supposedly she didn't wash it. OP also mentions how this isn't the first time Chanmi called out Seolhyun's blanket and brought it up on Happy Together and Entertainment Weekly. 
"Never slept a day without the blanket ever since she was young"
(Chanmi: It's gross/dirty...)

She was ridiculed like this.....

OP then talks about how Chanmi, Mina, and Jimin were the meanest on that episode and the whole Seolhyun sharing her salary with the rest of the members. Talks about how the commenters are being hypocritical because they're saying: "예능은 예능으로 (meaning variety is just variety)" but when Jimin's kinddokkang issues arose, they were criticizing the poop out of her. Also talks about how people were cussing out IOI for their hidden cam segment on KB based on the screencaps but they're criticizing the use of screencaps on this post. 

OP also talks about how she doesn't care if the members are close to each other off-screen, what matters is that their behavior on KB was upsetting. 

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1. [+229, -41] I can see the intentions/purpose of your post. (T/N: Commenter then goes on refuting the OP's post and talks about how Jimin and Seolhyun are infamous for being super close with each other)

2. [+174, -44] Learn how to different variety/entertainment from reality ㅡㅡ The members are close to each other 

(T/N: Talks about how during their episode of SNL, Seolhyun's CF came on and the members dropped whatever they were doing to pay attention to her CF and within themselves, they were saying: "Wow~ Our Seolhyun-ie is coming out! Pretty~" and the person felt that the members truly cared about each other. Also mentions how they never liked singers besides Seo Taiji and Shin Hae Chul but now likes AOA.)

3. [+168, -38] Compared to other girl groups, AOA has the best relationship amongst their team. Don't make assumptions based on one variety show ㅠㅠ 

4. [+104, -54] Chanmi is really unlikeable

5. [+76, -2] F**k, I'm a boy group fan and if male idols diss one another, people say: "wow they must be really close" but they think that if female idols diss one another, they think they really don't like each other ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ As a fellow woman, it's annoying. Enough is enough you f**kers. 

6. [+58, -13] Yah... tbh, lining up based on their no-makeup face ranking isn't right ㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋ Seolhyun tried to move up front but they blocked her ㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even though Seolhyun is a darker skin tone, she's still prettier than them