Thursday, May 25, 2017

MC the Max's Lee Soo releasing an album after 9 years

1. [+12892, -1180] Wasn't a mistake or an accident. There's a lot of people who pity  a grown adult went through with something with his own will........ 
 ↪ [+357, - 41] Now Lyn's getting hate for Lee Soo's prostitution ㅜ 
↪ [+767, -82] My words exactly ㅉㅉ (t/n: kind of like "tsk tsk") Doesn't matter if people call the minor a snake or a gold digger, in Korea, prostitution is illegal. 
 ↪ [+789, -71] Either way, he's a criminal. There isn't a reason to cover that up. 

2. [+10749, -1073] Why are you the one that's hurting? ㅋ
↪ [+323, -40] Must be hurting while using his dick 
↪ [+67, -185] Then who should be hurting? Is there a prostitution victim? But Lee Soo is the person who was fooled by someone's age. Shouldn't he be considered a victim??

3. [+9354, -813] He'll probably have this label on him forever. People shielding him are saying thing like the person wasn't a minor or is a gold-digger, anyways, under Korean law prostitution is clearly illegal. 

4. [+8098, -810] I admit, you're good at singing. I hope you're forever good to your wife and in-laws....... 

5. [2518, -239] Okay... next... underage prostitution convict  

6. [+2031, -216] What's up with the victim cosplay. Seriously getting chills. Disgusting.