Friday, May 26, 2017

Why did Moon Hee Jun push a pregnant Soyul away?

On his radio program, a listener (who was a husband) sent in a story about forgetting his wedding anniversary. Moon Hee Jun gave advice saying you have to set a reminder for your wedding anniversary on your cellphones and set them to remind you forever. He then said that men can tend to forget the anniversaries because they're working like crazy and since anniversaries always involve another person, one can end up being disappointed if the other person forgets. He then reveals about a time he was left feeling really disappointed/hurt. 

On his birthday, he felt that the festivities ended as soon as he blew out the candles on his cake. He then continued and said that Soyul said she was his gift and tried to hug him but before he knew it, he pushed her away. 

His birthday is March 13 which coincided with Soyul's pregnancy term. 

1. [+33, -0] Now it just seems like he's buying all the hate he's receiving

2. [+24, -0] Oh my god....... 

3. [+15, -0] Are you bragging about this....? 

4. [+13, -0] Seems like he changed his concept/image to an unlikeable person 

1. Ugh; why is he like that

2. Eung?? Did I read it correctly..... What's going on..

3. His true character is showing 

4. I feel really bad for Soyul.. 

5. Is that something to brag about?...... 

6. Ha; Even Soyul is a woman before she's a wife 

7. No but it's not like he pushed her to the point she fell down. You can clearly tell that it sounds like he felt disappointed so he slightly shoved her arm or something. Moon Hee Jun is currently receiving hate from left to right and there's no denying why he's getting the fact but this post seems a bit too much 
↪ 333
↪ I agree with this comment
↪ Even the smallest thing can affect the pregnancy, I don't think what he did was alright