Monday, June 26, 2017

Section TV under fire for leaking Song Hye Kyo's private Instagram account

  • The show's reps apologized to the viewers for causing any inconvenience with their coverage of Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki's dating rumors. 
  • They did a follow-up and went to the AirBnB Song Hye Kyo was staying in. Began interviewing Bali locals that interacted with the two. 
  • The show's reps kind of defended their actions by saying they didn't film the two unknowingly nor did they take any paparazzi pics but they took pics of the location with a cellphone, they had their affiliate go to Bali to "fact check" the rumors that were started by the Chinese journalists and news outlets. 
  • Said that they are a celebrity news program and it's their job to fact check things that people are interested in. They apologized for making the viewers uncomfortable and pledged to be a better Section TV. 
1. [+3700, -127] So you think it's excusable and follows journalistic integrity to reveal a private account just because the person is a celebrity? Don't want to watch this trashy show. 

2. [+3533, -119] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Hilarious, start apologizing for leaking Song Hye Kyo's private Instagram instead of changing the topic

3. [+2935, -114] Let's cancel this show... I don't even know why we need celebrity news shows.. ㅜ 

4. [+2421, -95] Whether they're dating or not, leave them alone. What are you doing following them around while they're vacationing... Seriously what a mess

5. [+1990, -74] They seem to have already caused so much damage, how about they just stop doing the show

6. [+544, -16] The Instagram account they showed on the show was Song Hye Kyo's private account. She created a separate account in order to communicate with her fans. Don't you think it's a bit too much to leak a person's private account during the broadcast? Did a friend leak it? If it's a friend that leaked it then you should cut ties with that person and if they hacked your account, you should sue Section TV. 

7. [+458, -10] They're glossing it over by saying they were fact checking but at the end, they were still filming secretlyㅋㅋ

8. [+410, -11] You were fact checking but you gathered your material by interviewing the locals with a smartphone? MB(astards)C 

9. [+407, -15] I don't think Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are ever going to come out on Section TV ever again 

1. [+379, -5] Instead of apologizing to the viewers first, don't you think it's right to apologize Song Hye Kyo first, the person actually involved? The so-called standards of broadcasters...

2. [+303, -4] They apologized for everything except for leaking her private account

3. [+291, -4] It's better off to not watch Section TV entirely. Once their ratings go down, the show will naturally disappear. You should be apologizing to Song Hye Kyo, why are you apologizing to the viewers you idiots. 

4. [+248, -3] How can they not apologize after leaking a person's private account? Seriously, they're at the height of shamelessness. The only solution is to cancel this show. 

5. [+229, -0] Section TV, don't go overboard.