Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Song Seung Heon x Go Ara confirmed for OCN's new Grim Reaper drama 'Black'

1. [+1482, -71] Why does Song Seung Heon always star in projects where his costar doesn't match him? Last time he starred with an actress that looked like his mom and this time he's going to be starring in a drama with an actress that looks like she can be his daughter. Let's cast someone that matches him or someone who's only a little bit younger. 
↪ [+174, -52] Why does the standards have to be based on Song Seung Heon though? Is he good at acting, what's so outstanding? It'll take less time looking for an actor that goes well with Go Ara. 
↪ [+54, -18] Lee Yeon Hee matches him

2. [+1204, -115] So who's gonna be the one acting?

3. [+913, -56] They really don't match......

4. [+737, -50] These two don't match

5. [+240, -11] What's up with the casting nowadays? Why are there so many uncle-niece, aunt-nephew concepts? Cast the ages appropriately, it's hard to focus. 

6. [+231, -27] Will the supporting cast do all the acting? 

7. [+188, -21] Wow.... what's up with the casting....