Monday, July 31, 2017

Lee Joon enlisting on October 24th as an active duty soldier

1. [+1608, -22] Hul ㅠㅠㅠ oppa have a safe service ㅠㅜ 

2. [+1382, -14] So cool~ 

3. [+1243, -16] As expected of cool Lee Joon! Have a safe, healthy service! 

4. [+905, -14] I'll be waiting for you, have a safe service!!!!! Lee Joon jjang!

5. [+840, -12] So cool! Have a healthy service! 

6. [+232, -3] This guy sure is genuine/sincere

7. [+242, -11] Enlisting as active duty is such a common thing but hearing that a celebrity is enlisting as active duty, he really looks genuine. Nowadays, with celebrities, everyone and their mothers act like they have a disability and enlist as public service. Lee Joon fighting! 

8. [+198, -2] I hope he still wins this year's excellence award even if he's serving. He's seriously super good at acting and has a sweet voice

9. [+169, -1] His drama right now is doing really well. He's also doing fan meetings here and abroad, he sure is working hard before enlisting. 

10. [+163, -0] His acting right now is being really praised, I think he's only going to be walking the flower path when he comes back