Wednesday, July 26, 2017

[SPOILERS!!!] tvN Criminal Minds remake fails to impress viewers

Original Source (Joy News 24 via Naver): 'Criminal Minds', high ratings even with mixed reviews...4.2%

1. [+1635, -111] Son Hyun Joo's acting is the best

2. [+1285, -110] Son Hyun Joo's acting is really ㄷㄷ (t/n: short for 대단 (amazing), they're so amazed that they're trembling)

3. [+1219, -102] Son Hyun Joo's gaze was daebak, his acting is alive 

4. [+1238, -128] Son Hyun Joo and Lee Jun Ki were good

5. [+848, -86] Wow seriously.. Son Hyun Joo's surprising no matter how much you watch him

6. [+458, -10] Music supervisor, was that the best you can do? The actors were bringing tension with their lines and actions but why are you playing hip hop? Let's do a better job. Let's watch a drama. I only looked forward to this drama. 

7. [+425, -18] They should've just not used the 'Criminal Minds' name and created a different drama. They could've still hit that rating with all of Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won, and Son Hyun Joo fans. 

8. [+451, -30] I think there must've been a lot of disappointed people if they saw the original work... 

9. [+418, -26] Who's responsible for the embarrassing CG? 

10. [+498, -65] The script has no knowledge. The American version has 10 writers but Korea only has one writer with 1-2 assistants, do you think you can do anything with that? I'm sick of movies and dramas that have no expertise/knowledge and only have the form. 

1. [+1657, -39] The mixed reviews will be more certain after watching today's episode (t/n: the second one)

2. [+1684, -81] I acknowledge Son Hyun Joo's charisma

3. [+1514, -82] Son Hyun Joo's acting is incredible no matter when..

3. [+976, -41] You gotta watch until today to say whatever you want ㅋ

4. [+668, -36] You gotta watch more episodes to know for sure ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+606, -19] The ahjumma who discovered the body in the trash can had the best acting

6. [+620, -31] Let's sell the Secret Forest copyright to the U.S. It's so much higher in quality.

7. [+619, -40] The acting, the editing was all not good. Gonna decide on the Secret Forest for the weekend. 

Original Source (News 1 via Nate): Article

1. [+520, -13] First, it's alright to copy the original characters but it felt too forced... Especially Yoo Sun, who's playing Garcia. Her image doesn't fit the character and it felt like she was trying too hard to copy the American version that it made it more ridiculous.... Does the story always have to have individuals with traumatic pasts, do they always have to conflict? You can still lead a story and solve cases without all those things~ Korea needs to get rid of the idea that adding melodramatic elements to things makes it more entertaining.. I don't want to compare but there are dramas that are more entertaining even without having any of those things, like the Secret Forest~

2. [+477, -11] Ha..... Seriously I.. really like Criminal Minds so I was looking forward to it.. this was.. a bit.. ㅜㅜ.. bad...

3. [+441, -6] It was just all awkward, especially the person playing Reed. Seriously, ah, his line delivery was really weak, I was about to get mad while watching it. 

4. [+50, -1] Son Hyun Joo - He's acting is worth the recognition but he seems to always play the same type of characters
Lee Jun Ki - When he was acting alongside idols, I thought he was good at acting but since he's acting alongside actors, he fucking sucks 
Yoo Sun - I can tell that she's trying to copy the original Garcia but it's awkward, it's hard to watch
Moon Chae Won - Ha.. didn't know she would be like this..