Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Han Chae Ah shows off her easy-going personality on 'Carefree Travelers'

1. [+623, -39] I guess you're considered easy-going if you brush your teeth while laying down 

2. [+563, -51] She gained a lot of interest when she appeared on 'I Live Alone' but after her scandal, people lost all interest in her

3. [+596, -76] The three guys had to sleep in a two bed-room and also order an extra bed but she uses a two-bed room all by herself ㅋㅋ Why'd they take her? She's already unlikeable. 

4. [+402, -48] It was all good until the end of Yoon Jong Shin.. 

5. [+309, -25] Did they just have to call a female guest so that she can use a two-bed room all to herself while the other guys have to share a small room.. Should've just brought two female guests so that it could've been two to a room. 

6. [+209, -33] She tries so hard to look like she's easy-going 

7. [+176, -22] She just seemed like a burden

8. [+158, -17] Aren't you even a bit ashamed? She keeps coming out on tv.... Natural beauty my ass.... It's all been exposed... ㅋㅋ 

9. [+141, -13] I guess this is why a celebrity's image is so important. After that scandal, all of her actions now seem calculated and fake so she's kind of unwatchable.