Monday, September 4, 2017

ISAC filming cancelled but MBC reassures us that the show itself hasn't been

Original Source (Herald POP via Naver): MBC reps, "'IAC', only filming has been postponed"

1. [+1758, -25] Don't postpone it, just cancel it

2. [+1161, -22] Just don't do it! These young kids get hurt for a pointless competition and there's no respect for the fans who come to this thing. Why do you keep trying to do this? 

3. [+1032, -15] Really stubborn show

4. [+819, -16] At this point, cancel it

5. [+145, -1] This is the PERFECT opportunity to cancel it..I hope they cancel it 

6. [+129, -1] Stop wasting the time and energy of these busy idols and fans and just cancel the show

7. [+123, -2] You guys even cancelled 'WGM', please just cancel this