Friday, October 20, 2017

Choi Siwon's father issues an apology after their family's dog causes the death of a CEO

T/N of what basically happened:

Yesterday, JTBC reported that the CEO of a very popular, upscale 80-year old restaurant Han Il Kwan passed away in his 50s. The CEO was bit by a neighbor's dog on the 30th and passed away three days later due to sepsis (blood infection). It was later revealed that the dog wasn't on a leash and that the dog belong to Choi Siwon and his family. It was also revealed that Choi Siwon's father was at the scene of the incident. 

1. [+2357, -113] So are they not going to put down the dog? Also before JTBC reported about this, he nonchalantly posted a picture of the dog and seem to have no issues with it but after the report came out, you deleted the picture from your Instagram. Did you not have any guilt?

2. [+2000, -58] SM really must be big. Can this much articles not be published? 

3. [+1949, -58] Didn't put on a muzzle, didn't put on a leash, are you out of your mind? 

4. [+1825, -78] Shouldn't they put down the dog? It already had a biting personality, so why are they allowing this to just pass by?

5. [+1173, -39] Hul... Choi Siwon.....

6. [+790, -6] Why are you putting the blame on the hospital? The reason he even went to the hospital was because your dog bit him. The fault is on you and your family for improperly training the dog and for not putting a leash or a muzzle on it.  

7. [+741, -10] Is the house door automatic? How can this happen with the door opening "briefly"; You guys allowed this to happen with your irresponsibility and now they're putting the blame on the hospital..

8. [+711, -2] I hope they can think about the situation in the other family's point of view and imagine their neighbor's dog biting them or Choi Siwon. May they rest in peace. 

9. [+602, -13] Choi Siwon-ssi, you must've had the time to delete pictures of your dog on your Instagram and talk about UNICEF. 

10. [+561, -7] I feel like his apology is going to bring the victim's family more pain..