Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Go Eun Ah reveals she drinks alcohol 8 times a week

1. [+3236, -111] This isn't something to brag about.

2. [+2334, -95] Is she an alcoholic? 

3. [+1887, -200] That sure is something to brag about you gashina (t/n: I didn't want to write the term "bitch" even tho the term has similar undertones)

4. [+1101, -37] Showing off your alcohol intake is the most useless thing in the world. Bragging about things like that.. Bragging about your alcohol intake, showing off your alcohol intake is useless.. 

5. [+653, -29] Am I the only one who thinks her nose is weird? 

6. [+411, -26] When a guy or a girl talks about things like this, they look tacky. It seems like something kids with this image show off about, when I see them... I pity them ㅉㅉ

7. [+277, -12] By the way, this person always mentions Jung Joon Young.. 

8. [+244, -11] Watching this, she looks like a trot singer, ahjumma style