Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Kim Hye Soo's actions at the 38th Blue Dragon Film Awards receives attention

Kim Hye Soo congratulating Kim Soo Ahn

Original Source (JoongAng Ilbo via Naver): Kim Hye Soo who calls over Na Moon Hee, her actions are seen 3 seconds later

1. [+18677, -100] As an actor and as a human, Kim Hye Soo is just a person with a really personality. Based on her appearance, she looks like a person who would seem haughty and stuck up but she's actually the complete opposite. It's so good to see. 

2. [+15426, -91] Filmography, attitude, acting, visuals, you can't find any faults in her.... 

3. [+11590, -70] She's an actress whose soul is even prettier than her visuals ^^ She's an actress whom I've never disliked before! A mature actress! Always be happy ^^ ♥

4. [+10713, -86] Wow a two shot picture with Kim Hye Soo and Na Moon Hee-nim, it's so beautiful and even a bit moving

5. [+8743, -75] Hye Soo-unni is soooo soooo coool, seriously!!!!!!!

6. [+938, -4] A person's actions makes a bigger impression than their appearance. 

7. [+901, -7] This reminded me of when in the past, she was congratulating Yoo Hae Jin off-stage and hugged him for his win. She really seems like a cool person, she's also good at acting ^^ 

8. [+820, -5] As a fellow woman, she's so cool and she's someone I want to resemble.