Friday, November 3, 2017

Lee Seung Gi confirms comeback with new tvN drama 'Hwayugi'

1. [+1970, -133] Let's only walk the flower path, Lee Seung Gi

2. [+1605, -95] So he ended up doing it, only the writer need to pull their weight.. I'm a bit nervous about it but since it's his first project after discharging, I'll look forward to it

3. [+1059, -98] Lee Seung Gi hwaiting

4. [+895, -131] Lee Seung Gi's golden age

5. [+743, -91Lee Seung Gi hwaiting

6. [+172, -27] If the Hong Sisters write a script like 'Couple or Trouble' then they won't have any issues with a romcom.. Just don't write a script like 'Big'

7. [+114, -11] Please just write a good script~ 

8. [+164, -32] It's just the writers who need to pull their weight