Sunday, November 5, 2017

Song Hye Kyo cutely shows off a glimpse of herself on honeymoon

Original Source (My Daily via Naver): "Sparkling wedding ring"...'Song Joong Ki's wife' Song Hye Kyo, honeymoon update

1. [+4051, -681] Song-Song couple is so lovely~

2. [+2861, -490] They uploaded this to update their fans and as a form of saying thank you. Stop writing articles at the speed of light. Seriously!! They won't even be able to connect with their fans

3. [+2379, -482] So pretty~^^♡

4. [+2047, -382] Wow it's so good to see her, she looks really happy ^^ I hope they're happy from now on to foreverrrrrr~~!! Please please please!!!!!

5. [+2029, -475] She's so pretty even if it's just a simply taken photo 

6. [+640, -77] Being a journalist is so easy. They take pictures from Instagram, write about the picture, done. 

7. [+634, -105] I'm their fan but journalists please stop uploading Song-Song couple articles.. Do you think they'll be able to breathe if you upload an article about every little thing they do?

8. [+493, -60] Write an article that's actually an article.