Saturday, December 16, 2017

Comedian Jang Dong Min swears he's a changed man

1. [+3423, -463] As I grew older, I've learned that a person cannot easily change their personality. It's hard to avoid making the same mistakes. 

2. [+2698, -650] What do you get when you wash a rag? A rag. 

3. [+2252, -336] Do you think a person can change after a day? And it's even harder when you're surrounded by the same type of people especially since those people always hang out with each other. 

4. [+1840, -343] This is awkward, I don't want to see him. It doesn't seem like he changed his personality but rather he's being careful. First of all, he's super unfunny so you get tired when you watch him

5. [+1492, -245] All right, be a bit more careful now and start acting like your age 

6. [+600, -58] A person doesn't easily change

7. [+480, -45] A changed person doesn't say with their own mouth that they've changed. They show it through their actions

8. [+457, -72] Ha! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ