Thursday, December 28, 2017

'Hwayugi' cancels this week's broadcast after crew member is left severely injured, cast left puzzled by the update

t/n: So one of the crew members got severely injured on set after falling from a height of over 3m. They're now reporting that he's paralyzed from the waist down. 

1. [+3417, -110] So at the end, they ended up canceling. Yeah, this is for the best

2. [+3661, -1052] This is the first time I've seen a drama being this messy... They should just wrap it up early 

3. [+2170, -92] That's a good decision, safety is the biggest priority

4. [+2236, -489] If only it wasn't this director from the start ㅜ If they just went with a director who has experience with CG, the quality would've been better. The synopsis is something you can just watch for fun, what a shame

5. [+1479, -173] Good job.. let's raise the quality and try it again

6. [+673, -104] Will you die if you can't watch a drama. Lee Seung Gi or not, a person became paralyzed from the waist down and you tried to keep it on the down low but now you're trying to improve the production environment because people found out? Who would want to watch this trash drama. 

7. [+605, -95] Even if it's from now on, please put in a lot of effort in improving the production environment. I was really enjoying the drama, this is such a shame. 

8. [+612, -148] The story is really good.. I hope they overcome it and return

9. [+445, -16] What the, they just said they weren't going to.. Anyways, please compensate the injured person properly. That's a bigger priority than the broadcast. 

10. [+415, -47] Yeah, I'm not going to watch. Those types of PDs need to fail and disappear. 

1. [+6975, -418] The actors must be really mad.. It's been a while since Cha Seung Won has done a drama and this was Lee Seung Gi's first project after being discharged.... Their controversies won't end.. The staff members are also workers, abide the Labor Standards law.. Don't just try to fulfill the greed of the people at the top ㅡㅡ 

2. [+3931, -420] The actors must also feel frustrated. Hwayugi staff and actors, please all stay strong. I hope the production company takes care of the situation well. The highest priority is a human being. Be considerate of the person who got injured, then improve the production environment properly and then resume airing the drama. I look forward to the high quality drama 'Hwayugi'. I hope the people working on this are no longer inconvenienced. 

3. [+2784, -90] I hope all of the cast members and staff members of Hwayugi stay strong and fight on once more in a safer production environment. 

4. [+2061, -88] Stay strong, actors.. I'm cheering you on

5. [+1695, -650] Why are the actors being punished.. just cancel the drama... you idiotic tvN broadcast company bastards..