Saturday, December 16, 2017

Lee Jae Jin differentiates his relationship between YG and Sechskies

1. [+5870, -863] This guy is just unlikeable 

2. [+4518, -783] Really don't want to see Lee Jae Jin anymore

3. [+3614, -574] I wish he would stop saying this

4. [+3499, -607] YG is a yakgook (t/n: yakgook is Korean for "pharmacy") 

5. [+2292, -392] He really seems like a person that looks like there's something wrong with him........

6. [+1440, -275] He's not a 4D-personality, he just seems as if he doesn't have manners 

7. [+1165, -226] Does he really have no social skills, how can he say things like that? It's a bit too rude to just say that it's his personality...