Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Nana thinks her success as an actress is due to the public's low expectations

1. [+2160, -210] Wow... Not sure if her manager chose that answer for her or it's her real thoughts... but if she comes out like this... it makes her so humble/modest and look good. It makes me want to support her.

2. [+1463, -202] I saw Nana in real life and she's soooo pretty.. I'm not just saying it but I thought she was a goddess

3. [+1071, -154] I saw her in a Chinese drama and she's pretty to the point where she made the Chinese main actress look like a non-celebrity

4. [+973, -171] I acknowledge Nana's acting

5. [+669, -138] Always supporting you ~~

6. [+269, -53] The person who looks like an actress in After School wasn't Uee but Nana

7. [+227, -64] You really have to acknowledge Nana's acting. I was really sus about her when she first came out in 'The Good Wife' but she broke it. I also like how she behaves towards acting.