Friday, December 29, 2017

Source Music receives backlash for selling GFriend body pillows as part of their concert merch

1. [+129, -10] Source Music, please get it together ㅠㅠ 

2. [+112, -11] I knew this would go viral.. Because of this, I was worried all day at school.. Please.. it's not too late.. Source-yah.. I don't want to quit being their fan and I won't.. please.. this was really wrong.... 

3. [+102, -4] Exactly what were they thinking when they made these.. 

4. [+105, -10] Source Music, get it together... don't ruin GFriend's image.... The price of the goods/merch is expensive and you didn't even give feedback on the Season's Greeting (t/n: they misprinted it and apparently Sowon wasn't included in it and they published SinB's picture twice) did you think Buddys wouldn't have gotten mad when you released concert goods? Also the price of the concert goods were crazy expensive and what is up with the pillow... Please please we're not asking for much... Give us feedback on the season's greeting, lower the price of the concert goods, and remove the body pillows...