Friday, December 22, 2017

Zion. T responds to netizens accusing him of not attending Jonghyun's funeral

Crazy person:
"Why didn't you attend Jonghyun's funeral?"
"I don't know how the relationship of you two was recently but anyways, you two used to be best friends, shouldn't you have at least made an appearance?"
"Why did you follow Key at dawn..ㅋ;"
"You tell us not to judge you based on only how you appear on television, well, you should show your best face outside of shows as well ^^"

Zion. T: I did go. When all the reporters left. I'm sad because I'm also human. Do you go to a funeral to get your photo taken. I'm sad. 

1. [+13394, -81] There's no solution for hate commenters... Now they have the nerve to... Zion. T is probably more sadder than you guys, not less... Anyways, Zion. T responded well and calmly... Stay strong!

2. [+10036, -84] They're hella nosy. Leave celebrities alone, let them breathe

3. [+7970, -102] Who is this? I doubt it's a SHINee fan. People were talking shit about Jun Hyun Moo too, saying he didn't go because he wasn't filmed. They were in the same entertainment agency, he most likely attended it. Why are people like that, why are they living like that?

4. [+6611, -50] People are too too much/harsh. Zion. T just lost a close friend and he's probably going through so many emotions but people are talking shit because he attended the funeral while trying to avoid the reporters .. Zion. T, stay strong

5. [+4855, -54] This is freaking pissing me off