Tuesday, January 23, 2018

'Behind the White Tower' still amazes viewers after 11 years

The original drama aired back in 2007. MBC is airing it again because they remastered the whole thing so now it's in HD. This drama is considered one of the best medical k-dramas. 

1. [+2767, -38] Kim Chang Wan is so annoyingly good at acting... 

2. [+2765, -160] Back in 2007, there were a lot of viewers that criticized Lee Chang Wan's acting.. Saying that he wasn't legitimately acting and wasn't pronouncing things clearly.. But watching it again now, he acted really realistically..

3. [+2300, -34] Kim Chang Wan's acting is crazy... Watching it again, it's still amazing 

4. [+1953, -38] Kim Chang Wan's acting made Kim Myung Min get on his knees

5. [+1313, -26] It's fun~^^ I used to be sad because I couldn't watch it 11 years ago~^^ 

6. [+644, -9] They were going to originally cast Cha Seung Won for the role of Jang Joon Hyuk (t/n: Kim Myung Min's character) and Kim Myung Min was originally casted for the role of Choi Do Young (t/n: Lee Sun Kyun's character) but Cha Seung Won had to pass up on the role because the drama filming schedule conflicted with his movie filming schedule so the role of Jang Joon Hyuk was passed onto Kim Myung Min and they newly casted the role of Choi Do Young with Lee Sun Kyun. That was the work of God.

7. [+578, -4] His nerves seem to be on the edge, you can tell he has a sensitive personality, he has bloodshot eyes and they look tired, his acting... Kim Chang Wan is amazing