Thursday, January 4, 2018

Hwayugi to resume airing on the 6th

1. [+4802, -219] Isn't it obvious for you guys to apologize..?

2. [+2787, -50] I think it's necessary for all dramas in the future to improve the working conditions for the staff for the production to go smoothly

3. [+2089, -202] This is the normal thing to do from the start ㅉㅉ

4. [+1301, -63] I hope they figure everything out.

5. [+1208, -120] It's late but I'm glad it got straightened out. Compensate the victim accordingly and air the drama properly

6. [+555, -72] What's the point of apologizing when a person became paralyzed from the waist down 

7. [+511, -53] Compensate the person, if they're paralyzed from the waist down, they won't be able to work 

8. [+487, -41] They should support the person's living. Take responsibility until their death... 

9. [+443, -86] Can you really enjoy the drama when a staff member became paralyzed from the waist down? I don't think I can.... They're must be people who are going to watch it while going "haha hoho", right?

10. [+356, -23] If someone said I can get hundreds of millions but I have to exchange it for being paraplegic, I wouldn't do it.. They became disabled for life.. Imagine how devastated they are