Tuesday, January 23, 2018

[Interview Translation] Jang Nara takes a look back at her life and career

Original Source (Star 1 via Naver): 38, Jang Nara's confession 

Q. I'm really not exaggerating but I really can't see any of your pores. 
I go to the skincare clinic once a week. To be honest, I look the same after washing my face (laughs). If I gain weight, my skin is the type that'll start to sag. That's why I try not to gain weight. These days, I'm learning adult taekwondo. It's really hard but I noticed my body was becoming toned so I like it.  
Q. What's the reason you started working out?
I started taekwondo because I wanted to kick well. It's not that I'm not active but it felt like my body was getting numb because I wasn't as active. In the past, I wasn't prepared for a sudden action scene so it was really hard. It made me think about the future cause you don't know what can happen. I want to do a variety of diverse roles,I feel like if the opportunity comes I won't do well so that's why I learning things. 
Q. You seem like you've been busy since the drama ended.
After I finish a project, I'm really exhausted so I'm literally like a piece of a straw mat. I just relaxed at home and stayed in bed for about three months (laughs). But now, I work out and I'm taking vocal lessons from the beginner's level. Even if it's forced, I feel like I'm more likely because I'm going around places to take lessons and I feel like I'm becoming more capable of doing more things. My body has gotten a lot healthier and above all, I feel like my energy got better because I work with really nice people.  
Q. You really fit the role of a 20 year old in 'Go Back Couple' without looking out of place. If you had to rate your youthful looks as an actress...
As I've mentioned earlier, my "youthful looks" don't matter when I'm at home. It's all made through makeup and maintenance. People can see it like that because my regular facial features are pretty round but to be honest, with people calling my looks "youthful", I don't really love it or dislike it either. But there are times I don't like it. After I work really hard on a project, all that's left are articles saying things like: 'Youthful Looks Jang Nara'. I want to appeal the things I've done up until now but only irrelevant things come out so that upsets me a bit. This is the appearance that fits well with the real Jang Nara. When my condition isn't well, I sometimes look older than I do. When I wake up, you'll be surprised at how pale I look. This is all covered by makeup. It's all thanks to the fact that I look interesting. 
Q. You won the Excellence Award at the KBS 2017 Drama Awards. But I feel like you deserved to be in the Top Excellence Award-category. 
I believe that you receive an award due to luck being added in. I received a lot due to 'Go Back Couple' so I don't have anything more to ask for. I gained a lot of good relationships and learned the meaning of creating a project with the help of many people. Compared to the past, my thoughts have changed. When I would express my thoughts, I would speak conclusively. I thought if I said things like: "I have no regrets about the past", it would really end up being like that. After aging and filming a time-slip drama, I naturally began to accept the things I've regretted about the past. The fact that I accepted things by thinking like: "That was wrong, I lacked at this. I was a bit sad about this and disappointed", shows that I really changed.    
Q. Is there a type of husband you want?
I'm not even wishing for a husband. Besides marriage, I just want to at least be in a relationship. I haven't been in a relationship for 6 years and during that time, there hasn't been a person that told me they like me and I haven't found a person I liked either. I don't even have that common 'some'. I want to meet a good person and be in a relationship. Now, I'm not in the position to be picky about older or younger guys (laughs).
Q. Then what is your ideal type?
I'm not into people who look like the people in my household. I like people who have monolids and look simple. And to be honest, I like someone who looks good (laughs). I like it when they are tall, have a big build, and look tough on the outside. I hope they were good-hearted and positive. I don't like it when they're a crooked person when it comes to communication. People who are like: If I say, "This is a square" and they say: "If I say it's a triangle, it's a triangle." I like people who take things as they are and are expressive. 
Q. One of the clips from 'Go Back Couple', the scene where you sing ranked first place. Isn't this proof that there are this many people who are waiting for your stage? 
To be honest, it was burdensome. I did it because the character Ma Jin Joo had to sing but I don't think I would've been able to do it if Jang Nara had to sing. After the broadcast, my heart rushed so fast. It was embarrassing. I remember it exactly. After it aired, I watched the scene and I had to film in front of Jin Joo's house but I forgot all my lines. I was nervous all by myself so I ended up forgetting all my lines.  
Q. How did you get that trauma?
One day, there was a time where I got really nervous on stage. I've never experienced that type of nervousness before. I've experienced feel good nervousness before but that day, I felt an ominous type of nervousness, to the point where I wanted to run away. After that experience, I can't really sing well on stage. 
Q. You're the original multi-entertainer. Before there was Suzy or IU, there was Jang Nara. 
She finds her past enjoyable and is grateful but has no regrets because she was able to achieve a lot of things although, at the time, her skills weren't that great. She said that she was a twinkling star while Suzy and IU are girls with a strong force (meaning they have a strong endurance) and that she feels bad that they're being compared to her. 
Q. Don't you think you're being too hard on yourself?
Since I was young and even until now, my dream hasn't changed, I was able to achieve the things that I only wanted to do. There aren't many people who are able to do that. That's why I don't wish for more and am grateful. This job is hard indeed but there isn't another job where you can get this much blessings. Because I gained that luck, I feel that I should cope with the difficulties and hardships I encounter as a celebrity. When I was younger, I used to think: "You have to go through the difficulties and hardships" but thinking like that made it hard for myself. Now, I just admit it and try to avoid it.  
Q. Is there a genre you're interested in?
Lately, I've been watching OCN's 'Bad Guys: Vile City'. It is a bit gruesome but I enjoy it because it's about crime-investigation. I also watched OCN's 'Tunnel' with my family. It's really really good. I enjoyed it to the point where I asked Choi Jin Hyuk: "Let me meet the screenwriter" (laughs).  
Q. You're not far away from your 40s. How do you want to live your 40s?
I don't think anything special will happen. I'll just live life the same way. Haha. 

1. [+1152, -22] Every time I view her interviews, she's so modest ㅠ She's thankful for even the small things ㅠ I'm always supporting you. 

2. [+920, -27] She's so pretty

3. [+703, -18] I enjoyed reading the interview. Thank you. She's an actor I trust and really like. It's true that I want to see a Jang Nara that sing... that's what the fans are also thinking.. Nara-chan do what you want to do. I hope you live every day happily. Don't get burdened by your next project. I'll support Nara-chan's decision. 

4. [+643, -19] She's an actor I really like. I want to see you in a really good project again next time. 

5. [+568, -17] Miss Jang Nara, I became a fan of yours after watching 'Go Back Couple' and watched all of your past dramas and shows, listened to the music you released and saw all the volunteer work you did. You're more charming the more I see you ^^ I'll always support you~!

6. [+131, -9] Jang Nara is a nice person... she's a celebrity where you can't see them having the celebrity disease and doesn't show off