Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Jang Nara responds to people saying, "Before there was Suzy or IU, there was Jang Nara"

Original Source (Sports Chosun via Naver): Jang Nara, "I was a twinkling star, I feel bad for Suzy-IU for being compared to me"

Pretty sure by her saying she was a "twinkling star", she meant that she was just a trend/the it-girl at the time. The interviewer asked her how she feels about people saying: "Before there was Suzy-IU, there was Jang Nara." She said that she was a twinkling star while Suzy and IU are girls with a strong force (meaning they have a strong endurance) and that she feels bad that they're being compared to her. She finds her past enjoyable and is grateful but has no regrets because she was able to achieve a lot of things although, at the time, her skills weren't that great. 

1. [+17232, -135] For a twinkling star, don't you think you've been shining for a long time, please tell us your ways :

2. [+16156, -172] Ayyyy you're being too modest! 

3. [+12206, -128] Not only is her face pretty but she's also good-natured, she seems nice

4. [+8369, -119] Go Back Couple Season 2 go go

5. [+4311, -153] %, no (t/n: The person wrote "%" instead of "응" (eung) which means 'yea' so they basically wrote: "Yeah, no")

6. [+2661, -134] They should feel sorry towards Jang Nara for comparing IU-Suzy to Jang Nara

7. [+2003, -69] At the time, her popularity was really like Suzy and IU, she's hit daebak since 'Bright Girl's Success'

8. [+1874, -43] Jang Nara's killing multiple people with her modesty... I'm certain she's a vampire

9. [+1981, -205] She can kill those two with both her singing skills and acting skills..

10. [+1393, -38] Excuse me??? This unni is really humble