Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Kim Go Eun releases a new set of profile pictures for the new year

1. [+2259, -307] Really like the vibes, she's so charming~ Looking forward to the movie 'Byeonsan'~ 

2. [+1973, -302] Seriously because even her arms and legs are long and slim, she's really pretty ㅜㅜ

3. [+1697, -242] Because of Gong Yoo's visuals, she looked short but she actually turns out to be hella tall 

4. [+1040, -211] Her hair is nice, you can also see that she's matured 

5. [+825, -456] Can be pure.. can be elegant.. can be Psy.. 

6. [+271, -71] She's not a typical beauty but in 'Eungyo' and 'Goblin' you can really see the charm only Kim Go Eun can bring out. In 'Goblin', when she smiled, it was just beautiful so what I mean is that her face wasn't the thing that was pretty but it made me think that the scene was 

7. [+274, -88] Kim Go Eun.. when she's expressionless, you feel a strong aura and when she smiles, the whole world feels refreshing 

8. [+214, -77] She has such a charming face ㅠㅠ