Monday, January 22, 2018

Kim Ji Won reveals why she's not active on social media

1. [+10540, -193]  That's right, you're smart, SNS is a waste. If you want to do it, do it privately and share it only with those you are close to~~

2. [+6767, -259] Amongst the young actresses, she's really upright ^^

3. [+5384, -178] Oh you're smart. 

4. [+4616, -182] "Social media is a waste of time." - Sir Alex Ferguson

5. [+2683, -151] (Quote from Fight My Way)

6. [+461, -25] But she does go on social media, she has an account... it's just that she doesn't go on it often

7. [+454, -27] Hey Journalist, you should've put that Kim Ji Won is barely active, not that she's not on it at all. Do you want her to get hate?

8. [+437, -34] She didn't mean that she's not on it at all, she meant that she's not as active on it ㅋ

9. [+360, -47] Eh? She's on Instagram and she has a lot of followers too.. isn't Instagram the ultimate representative of social media? 

10. [+327, -67] But she's on Instagram? ㅋ