Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Kim Kang Woo and Uee confirmed as the leads for new MBC weekend drama 'My Husband Oh Jak Doo'

Han Seung-Joo (Uee) is a single woman in her mid 30's and she works as a PD at a broadcasting station. She does well at her job, but she is not nearly as good when it comes to housework. Han Seung-Joo has a hard time dealing with social prejudices about single women. To get the position of a "married woman," Han Seung-Joo marries Oh Jak-Doo (Kim Kang-Woo) who lives in the mountains. Their marriage is not based on love, but their relationship develops romantically. (Source: AsianWiki)

1. [+2879, -89] Uee is really consistently getting the lead roles... seeing her getting only lead roles without having a hit is really amazing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+2262, -73] What's so great about Uee that they keep using her? 

3. [+2043, -71] I don't understand how Uee is constantly playing the main character

4. [+1403, -53] ㅜㅜ I seriously don't know how I feel about the casting

5. [+1290, -47] Uee;;;;;;;;;;

6. [+549, -13] I don't understand why they're casting Uee as the lead....seriously why do they use her... I can't understand

7. [+491, -13] It's Uee again? She's always the lead even though she doesn't give off the lead role vibes 

8. [+416, -9] Why exactly do they keep casting Uee? I seriously don't understand... 

9. [+376, -9] Smells like it's going to hella fail~~~~