Thursday, January 18, 2018

Krystal expresses her true feelings and apologizes for f(x)'s hiatus

About f(x)'s comeback, she said that the delay was always because the timing wasn't right or because the situation wasn't right. They put in a lot of effort for a comeback and there were plans on which month to make a comeback but the plans would fall through and things didn't go the way she wanted them to go. She said she feels really bad when fans asks her at her fansign events and at the airport: "When is the next album coming out?" because she can tell how hard of a time the fans are going through and she feels bad because she has no other words she can tell them to make it better - it's suffocating. 

Krystal added that the other members feel the same way and they always talk about having another comeback. They all want to release another album. 

When asked about how the other members responded to her drama 'Prison Playbook', she said: "One member (Luna) is doing a musical! One member (Amber) won't understand! One member (Victoria) is in China! They didn't watch the drama!" She said that they always send her messages of support (e.g. "Be careful, don't get sick", "Filming is tiring, right?", "I'm going to visit the set") but they don't watch the drama (LOLOL). 

1. [+2098, -58] Really thought this group would be successful, what a shame.. stay strong!!

2. [+1566, -33] f(x) fighting!!!!

3. [+1363, -42] It's alright, us MeU(s) are going to wait until the end. Don't be sorry, let's try to meet as a whole group this year!! f(x), I love you ㅠㅠ

4. [+1343, -37] There's really no other group like f(x)... I'll be waiting for your comeback ㅠㅠ Fighting!!!!

5. [+1085, -32] Our function....

6. [+184, -6] SM should take better care of f(x), does a hiatus for 3 years make sense? Why are you neglecting these earnest kids