Friday, January 12, 2018

Lee Bo Young denies authenticity of Jang Hee Jin's story about her, Jang Hee Jin apologizes

Back Story: On Radio Star, Jang Hee Jin came out and shared a story about her and Lee Bo Young at a restaurant. The two are close because they were co-stars during 'My Daughter Seo Young', so Jang Hee Jin said she would often hang out with Lee Bo Young and her family. Jang Hee Jin said that Lee Bo Young would get a lot of free service at restaurants for going to their restaurant and that she (Jang Hee Jin) would have some bites of that and what not. Then they went to a restaurant together and it was during the time where a certain fish was during it's peak season (meaning it was the freshest) and Jang Hee Jin told Lee Bo Young that she wanted to eat that sashimi. Lee Bo Young told her to wait a bit and she called over the owner and asked if they can give them a little bit of the sashimi for free and the owner asked her if she knew how expensive the fish was right now and why they should give her some for free and left. 

While they were eating their meal, the owner came back and asked Jang Hee Jin if she was Sun Woo (t/n: Jang Hee Jin's character's name) from 'My Daughter Seo Young' and apologized for not recognizing her earlier and for not giving her the sashimi as service and that she'll be right back with the sashimi. The owner still didn't recognize Lee Bo Young who played Seo Young in the drama. Jang Hee Jin ended the story by saying Lee Bo Young called Ji Sung saying, "Oppa! I'm at a restaurant right now and they didn't recognize me and only recognized Hee Jin! ㅠㅠ"

Link to Video: X (there's no English subs)

1. [+12496, -1125] Then you should be suing that actor. 

2. [+8825, -458] Why do they distort the truth.. to lie.. do they want attention.. 

3. [+7789, -174] Isn't this about what Jang Hee Jin said on Radio Star? 

4. [+8675, -1483] I do like Lee Bo Young but, shouldn't she be direct and talk to the actor involved head on or sue them... When she says it's untrue, is she saying that the event didn't happen at all or... is she saying the event is true but it was a bit exaggerated..;;; Anyways, whether Jang Hee Jin lied or exaggerated... she's leaving the person who told the story alone but is suing the netizens??? That doesn't seem right. 

5. [+4692, -241] What is the story about? Am I the only one who doesn't know?;;;
↪ [+985, -30] Jang Hee Jin came out on Radio Star and said that Lee Bo Young used her celebrity status to get free service at a restaurant and asked for more sashimi  

6. [+3226, -108] There were more people who didn't know the story but because of this article, everyone is going to know what happened... 

7. [+3064, -194] If she's talking about what happened on Radio Star, then when it first came out, there was a little bit of an issue but then it got swept away. Why is she fanning a flame that's already out? Also during that time, it didn't seem like there were any comments that she had to take legal action over. People were arguing whether her using her fame to get special treatment was considered rude or not and that Jang Hee Jin sharing the story was a bit careless. Taking legal action seems like an overreaction;;

8. [+2930, -343] Lee Bo Young is really funny. How is this the netizens' fault? It's the fault of Jang Hee Jin for over-exaggerating the story. If Jang Hee Jin didn't share the story, do you think the netizens would've even known? Don't let your anger out on the netizens, do it on Jang Hee Jin instead.

1. [+34040, -3107] Isn't Lee Bo Young being a bit too sensitive over this... Jang Hee Jin didn't seem like she was telling the story with a malicious intent and even I just laughed over it while watching it on Radio Star, but it also seems wrong that there are some people who are using the material from the Radio Star episode that aired a few months ago to leave hate comments on Lee Bo Young's articles.... Even regular people ask for free service and it's nothing big, is this really a reason to talk shit about celebrities??? 

2. [+13778, -1434] She's not revealing whether or not the story is true or false

3. [+11880, -996] Jang Hee Jin did make a mistake but now she's completely become a scapegoat;;; Were these two even close? One person didn't properly filter their words and carelessly told a story about their sunbae which tarnished the sunbae's image. The sunbae wanted to recover their tarnished image and worked to turn the junior into a scapegoat by mediaplaying about a story majority of the people don't remember or didn't even know about. Both parties don't look good

4. [+10197, -701] Crying over spilt milk......

5. [+5871, -571] Lee Bo Young's image has definitely gotten tarnished, forget the whole sashimi-free service incident, she's completely turned Jang Hee Jin into some weird kid 

6. [+5789, -774] It doesn't seem like it was 100% a lie but she's being turned into a liar .. You're making the issue bigger Lee Bo Young

7. [+5261, -647] Jang Hee Jin must feel like she's being falsely accused, it's not like she completely lied but she had to give an apology....

8. [+4723, -444] Doesn't seem like she's lying ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ