Friday, January 26, 2018

Park Shi Hoo reveals that he was slighting expecting the high ratings for 'My Golden Life'

1. [+5277, -1224] You sure are shameless ㅎㅎㅎ

2. [+4782, -877] Not sure if the 43% is amazing... In your case.. isn't it just you being lucky? 

3. [+4962, -1277] If it wasn't for Park Shi Hoo, I feel like they would've surpassed 50% 

4. [+3427, -877] I don't even understand how people find this funny.. I'm not hating on the drama but I caught a glimpse of it and it was cringey and corny.. how did it pass 40% if it wasn't even good??? It wasn't specially good either

5. [+2178, -225] 43% is kind of amazing

6. [+1153, -233] If they didn't use Park Shi Hoo and used a younger actor, who was handsome, good at acting, and had no controversies, they would've gotten better ratings

7. [+1074, -163] He doesn't seem to have the normal mentality

8. [+1096, -198] With the 43%, Shin Hye Sun raked in 20% and Chun Ho Jin raked in the other 23%, you didn't have to have hopes for the ratings 

9. [+917, -204] A criminal's specialty is that they always repeat their crimes..