Tuesday, January 2, 2018

[UPDATE: DENIED :( ] Season 2 of OCN's Voice to air in June, Lee Hana will be returning, Jang Hyuk will not

1. [+848, -18] What a shame.. Their chemistry was cool..... Looking forward to Voice season 2

2. [+801, -17] Jang Hyuk can't be missing Dae Shik-ah!!!!!!!!!! (t/n: they're mimicking the way Jang Hyuk talks/acts and in the drama, he would always say Baek Sung Hyun's character's name - here's a short clip, you can watch until 0:07 seconds cause the rest of it is the person imitating Jang Hyuk lolol)
↪ [+32, -0] Dae Shik-ie ran away to the army.. hm (t/n: Baek Sung Hyun recently enlisted) 

3. [+675, -3] Baek Sung Hyun is gone cause he's in the army, Jang Hyuk won't be returning.. What a shame

4. [+413, -11] Jang Hyuk hella suffered, that's probably why he doesn't want to return

5. [+376, -8] Will it still work even though Jang Hyuk's not there... 

6. [+81, -2] What's the point of season 2 if Jang Hyuk's not there ㅠ