Tuesday, January 16, 2018

SHINee's Key updates fans of his future schedule and plans

1. [+6308, -93] Ki Bum-ah, thanks! You'll do well like you've always done in the past, I'll support you, I love you 

2. [+5221, -97] Thank you, I'll always root for you, SHINee is forever 5 members.

3. [+4770, -78] SHINee will always shine as 5 members, I hope you guys will only walk the flower path from now on.

4. [+4369, -62] He's really mature.. I'll always support you!!!

5. [+3920, -46] I'll always cheer on SHINee as loud as I can! 

6. [+545, -9] I'll support a shining SHINee

7. [+497, -9] Really grateful, we'll always support you!! Take a rest whenever you want if you get tired while promoting, cry if you need to, express yourself. We are always on oppa's side