Monday, January 15, 2018

Shinhwa's Kim Dong Wan asks sasaengs to stop visiting his home

1. [+10186, -301] Wow they still have sasaengs? Shinhwa fans are pretty older in age, they really have no manners

2. [+3903, -129] Thank you CI Entertainment for releasing an official statement when you guys usually can't manage sasaeng issues!^^ Before my blood boils from reading this article, I'll go read Shinhwa Entertainment's statement because they give a tougher stance on these issues! ^^  

3. [+3021, -61] Thank you Shinhwa Company for responding ㅠㅜ..

4. [+2506, -49] Whatever you do, you shouldn't cross the line.. 

5. [+1101, -12] If it was to the point where Shinhwa's Kim Dong Wan released a statement like this, then that means he was really holding it in

6. [+399, -48] To the people who aren't part of the fandom, Shinhwa's fandom is diverse in age starting from the 10s. Please don't talk shit about the fandom if you don't know anything. 

7. [+368, -35] After that many years, they still have sasaengs..? Aren't most of Shinhwa's fans adultsㅋ..