Thursday, January 4, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!!!] Taking a look at how Prison Playbook deals with risky factors

1. [+5851, -117] It's sososososo fun to watch.... Seriously ㅜㅜ An hour and half goes by super fast. The best thing is that the characters are played by actors you haven't been able to see until now, it's refreshing! Shin Won Ho really has an eye for casting actors!!

2. [+3849, -113] Shin Won Ho is someone you can trust to watch 

3. [+3477, -82] All the actors in 'Prison Playbook' have insane acting skills~♡♡♡ Actors of 'Prison Playbook', succeed even more!! 

4. [+3131, -106] At this point, it's one of life's best dramas..

5. [+2858, -71] What about Shin Won Ho's eye for casting?

6. [+807, -14] Korea's probably the only country who would send a person to prison for beating up his sister's rapist to death. If this was the U.S., self-defense would've been acknowledged. This is a country where a drunk guy only got sentenced to 12 years in prison after raping an 8 year old girl 

7. [+596, -16] Of course there's going to be people who have their own story. But majority of criminals are just bad people. 

8. [+592, -15] Hae Rong-ie is daebak

1. [+2771, -13] Warden So was so cool today, Warden So is cute ♥️ He's quite charming. ㅋ

2. [+2055, -15] Keep your friends close and your enemies closer~ ㅎㅎㅎ Player Kim Jae Hyuk is totally an adult nowㅠ

3. [+1620, -11] It's better to get them on my team but we won't know if they'll join my team.. And if you think about it, they said that he exercised inside the prison ㅋㅋ

4. [+1170, -7] Kim Jae Hyuk is a real man

5. [+903, -16] You summarized it so well (t/n: the commenter is complimenting the journalist because they really did summarize the episode well on their article lol)

6. [+595, -4] Hae Rong-ie really scored~~ Warden So is so cute~~ㅎㅎ this is a good drama~~

7. [+574, -4] When Warden So took charge today, it was so refreshing!

8. [+559, -1] I wanted PO Na (t/n: Park Hyoung Soo's character) to take it easy but Warden So shut him down with one punch, so thrilling!!