Tuesday, January 16, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!!] Two Cops comes to an end, viewers still find things to complain about

1. [+2183, -39] This drama's realistic couple was Jo Jung Suk and Kim Sun Ho...

2. [+2094, -209] Was there really no actress you could use as the female lead? Did you really just have to use an idol?

3. [+1869, -57] The plot was too sloppy..Jo Jung Suk really hard carried this drama

4. [+1568, -154] What fault did the actors have that they had to be inconvenienced with horrible acting. Starting from Jo Jung Suk to the actors who've suffered, thank you for your hard work. I'll support you with your other projects

5. [+1113, -64] From all the dramas I've watched, this drama had the best bromance

6. [+438, -60] Hyeri-ah, don't act from now on. Either practice reading lines while biting onto a pen intensely so that you don't inconvenience the other actors or just do supporting roles 

7. [+420, -59] Hyeri and Kang Min Hyuk should go back to supporting roles. They're not popular nor are they good at acting, don't take the lead roles and inconvenience the other actors 

8. [+389, -43] Hyeri's crying scene today.. I beg you, please practice acting ㅠㅠ