Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Taking a look back at Ha Jung Woo's impressive career

1. [+2143, -18] This is a bit random but I want to see how Ha Jung Woo lives on 'I Live Alone'.....
↪ [+102, -16] That really was random.
 [+109, -3] He has already made an appearance for his dad. Although, it was only his voice that made an appearance ㅋㅋ
↪ [+103, -2] He's come out once while eating a meal with Kim Young Gun-ssi (t/n: Ha Jung Woo's father - who is also an actor). Around the time 'Assassination' premiered.. 

2. [+1543, -53] His face isn't all that handsome but he's seriously exploding with charm... 
↪ [+316, -10] But he is handsome...? It's probably because he doesn't look glamorous but he can knock out any person in the general public
↪ [+173, -2] To the person above!! I agree... People go crazy, saying he's fucking handsome.. He's even charismatic!!

3. [+1266, -22] Ha Jung Woo is the person you can trust to watch

4. [+922, -12] As expected from the actor you can trust to watch

5. [+733, -16] I really enjoyed watching 'Along with the Gods'.. Ha Jung Woo jjang! 

6. [+229, -4] The thing that's most impressive is that he made these results through his own effort rather than depending on his father's career/glory. Please give us more of your good acting in the future. Ha Jung Woo fighting!

Ha Jung Woo is one of my all-time favorite actors ㅠㅠ 
He's seriously one of those few actors you can really trust to watch
I recently watched 'Along with the Gods' and I can't stop recommending it to the people around me. When you get the chance, please watch it!
It's so touching, the cast is absolutely splendid, there's no acting hole

Who's your all-time favorite actor? (o˘◡˘o)