Thursday, January 4, 2018

tvN quietly cancels 'Live Talk Show Taxi', a show they've been airing for 10 years

It's a reality show where the MCs (Lee Young Ja and Oh Man Seok) drove the guests around in their taxi and interviewed them during the ride. They would then arrive at the final destination and continue the interview process at the location.

1. [+7438, -89] Wow they've been doing it for 10 years... how could they just quietly cancel it, they should've at least given them a final special episode... they could've drove the MCs around like they were the guests or at least gather the MCs around and have them talk amongst themselves..

2. [+5574, -52] So they ended the show without letting anyone know it was ending?ㅋ

3. [+5445, -90] Wow they're throwing away an old show that aired for 10 years and had 500 episodes 

4. [+2529, -42] Eh?

5. [+1993, -46] The end of the year wasn't good...

6. [+513, -8] I kept saying they haven't been airing any episodes recently but they ended up completing the show. Since they finished the show without a greeting, the people involved but feel disappointed. 

7. [+479, -11] Lee Young Ja-ssi, Oh Man Seok-ssi, thank you for your hard work~

8. [+468, -16] This was a show that I would check out once in a while when a guest I was interested in would come out. Don't you think you cancelled the show too quickly? This was one of tvN's first variety shows too ㄷㄷ