Sunday, February 25, 2018

Actor Choi Il Hwa confesses to committing sexual harassment

1. [+13265, -62] Are they really crazy, how many are coming out each day  

2. [+9530, -62] Exactly how many are there..... Just up to where is it rotten; one assailant could've had numerous victims, imagine how much pain the victims are in, it's deplorable 

3. [+8904, -81] I hope you receive punishment for you crime.  

4. [+5623, -57] The fuck

5. [+5175, -50] Just how afraid was he that he took the initiative and came out with it

6. [+1839, -28] No one posted anything but if you really had a conscience to volunteer and confess then you wouldn't have even sexually harassed someone. From how I see it, he knew it was going to come out so he took the initiative and came out with it. #MeToo #ISupportAllVictims And to the keyboard warriors, please do not call the victims gold-diggers or someone who's slandering innocent people. Your adding more pain. 

7. [+1707, -6] I feel like most of the middle-aged actors are going to disappear 
↪ [+72, -0] We don't need them 

8. [+1327, -9] We don't need self-reflection or whatever, just don't come out. I don't want to see a criminal     

9. [+1275, -5] He must've been really scared of being exposed ㅋㅋ