Monday, February 19, 2018

Actor Jo Min Ki reportedly fired from university professor position due to alleged sexual harassment

1. [+3515, -64] It mustn't be true, right? What about his family?

2. [+3317, -39] Hul his family was really active on tv... what are they going to do if it ends up being true -_- his family won't be able to keep their heads up ㅉㅉ

3. [+2985, -183] If this isn't completely true then it's hurtful to everyone involved. I hope they're cautious   

4. [+1559, -89] Ha... Are you a pervert.. I'm dumbfounded.

5. [+1402, -74] On tv, he came out acting as if he's was a good father but in the back, he did this to girls who are the same age as his daughter sigh 

6. [+588, -6] Seeing how he deleted his Instagram, doesn't it basically mean it's true, he deleted it yesterday 

7. [+568, -7] This is true. People who knew were all aware of it. 

8. [+541, -3] He was already charged and the university said they're going to impose severe disciplinary actions on him. Disgusting