Thursday, February 8, 2018

Actor Jung Suk Won explains that he tried meth out of curiosity

1. [+12127, -90] He's a man who has a wife and is a father to a child but he goes clubbing and does meth. I hope you think about your family. 

2. [+7912, -272] You're making your wife cry twice due to that curiosity... You welcomed your wife with open arms even though you knew about her past but you're not just anyone, you're her husband and you made her cry again... What is this?? I don't understand it at all?? Have you just been maintaining your image up until now?? This isn't just you drinking and making a mistake, it's drugs..... (t/n: Baek Ji Young was blackmailed with a sex tape that her old manager secretly filmed of her, she took a long hiatus because of that)

3. [+5141, -52] You should be thinking about your child and not be doing that. Jeez...

4. [+5060, -64] That damn curiosity jeez 

5. [+3485, -46] Aigoo.... 

6. [+1644, -33] He must've been enjoying his time at the club with girls while doing drugs ㅋㅋ While in Korea, Baek Ji Young was working hard doing her concert, going on variety shows, and taking care of their child ㅉ Just divorce. If you're thinking about the child and wife 

7. [+1519, -8] To call it a curiosity, he visited Australia way too frequently ㅡ If it was out of curiosity, there's weed and other things you can snort that you can obtain easily but he sought out for meth which is the most addictive, his story doesn't make sense ㅡ 

8. [+1401, -14] I would understand if it was marijuana but trying meth out because of curiosity doesn't sound right? He's not even young 

9. [+1398, -12] A married man who goes clubbing and does that normal??? what the heck 

10. [+1264, -23] You go on a vacation using Baek Ji Young's money and over there, you do meth using her money?? Bastard you sure are something else, you don't even have the rights to do that