Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Actor Park Ho San to replace Oh Dal Su in 'My Ahjussi'

1. [+7262, -31] Mullae-dong fighting!  

2. [+5726, -32] I like ith, I like ith~ (t/n: The person commented in a lisp but I don't know if I can save it with the translation LOL)

3. [+5659, -41] Park Ho San is so good at acting. It's working out really well. ^^ 

4. [+4648, -38] Bullthit buth off (t/n: It's KAIST's quote from 'Prison Playbook' - "bullshit buzz off")

5. [+3270, -30] Wo~~~~~ow congrats 

6. [+909, -7] The shitty car has left and now we're getting a Benz  

7. [+906, -7] Is this what you call a misfortune turns into a blessing? Didn't think we would see Park Ho San again this soon.. hehe!

8. [+735, -3] Oh oh oh~ there really are ups and downs in life. I feel like Oh Dal Su leaving the drama will be god's work for the drama. I'm looking forward to what Mullae-dong KAIST's voice without a lisp will be like. ㅎ