Monday, February 19, 2018

Actress Han Hye Jin shares her thoughts about making a comeback after 4 years

1. [+2401, -900] Must be nice... being rich and living abroad.. and when she gets bored of roaming around, she gets to say she wants to act ㅋㅋ

2. [+1938, -485] She didn't show up to filming because of church and made all the staff wait and later on, when the vibes got better, she did an interview saying filming was hard and that they shouldn't hesitate to ask her for things ㅉㅉ (t/n: ㅉㅉ is basically "tsk tsk") 

3. [+1894, -746] You suck at acting~ All you do is move your nostrils.. Why did she want to act.? Does she not know that she sucks.? 

3. [+1671, -710] Seriously... female actresses.. have it.. easy.. 

4. [+1191, -455] She can't help it because her husband's career requires him to work hard until his 30s... he can join to be a part of the coaching staff but because it's really competitive, if he doesn't meet the expectations he's in a job where they can just cut him... (t/n: her husband is soccer player Ki Sung Yueng)  

5. [+653, -100] When people mention Han Hye Jin, you can't think of any memorable works. The only thing you can remember is her MC position for 'Healing Camp'

6. [+831, -297] From some point, she started becoming unlikable..   

7. [+494, -59] She started doing variety shows when she wanted to and then she left because she wanted to leave, and because she wanted to act again, she comes back.., kyah~~~~~ I hope she doesn't come back on 'Mom's Diary: My Ugly Duckling'... if she comes back out, she's going to tear up and say: "Moooothers~~ I missed you sooo~~ muuuch~~", don't do that..... 

8. [+418, -75] This person was an actor? What works did she do?