Friday, February 23, 2018

Actress Kim Tae Ri expresses her support for the #MeToo movement

When asked about the #MeToo movement during her interview, she said that she really supports it and that it's a miraculous-like thing. She said she hopes the world becomes a better place through the #MeToo movement.   

1. [+342, -4] I agree. When you're younger, you used to think it was obvious that the assailant will get punished if a victim reports them...  but in reality, it's almost like a miracle.. 

2. [+258, -8] It's sad it's considered a miracle. Imagine how much the generation before us, our mothers, unnis, nunas, had to go through and stay silent. It's not all of them but the men who abuse and sexually assault women, this is too much to women who conceived you, gave birth to you, and raised you.    

3. [+162, -2] It's sad that we live in a world where we can't confidently point out what happened after we're harmed. 

4. [+131, -2] I support you!  

The rest of the comment were the commenters saying their own personal stories so I won't be translating that. 
If you guys are uncomfortable with these posts, please let me know and I'll reduce the amount I translate/post.  
I hope the #MeToo movement really has an effect in Korea because this shit has been way overdue. 
Scumbags need to be exposed.