Friday, February 23, 2018

Actress Lee Yoo Young graduates from Korea National University of Arts

1. [+3939, -21] Fighting!! 
↪ [+102, -0] Lee Yoo Young-yang, stay strong and I hope only good things come towards your way. 

2. [+3563, -16] Be happy!!! 

3. [+3047, -13] She looks pretty smiling~  

4. [+2638, -21] Be happy  

5. [+852, -3] I sincerely wish that you're happy from now on 

6. [+540, -1] It's a relief that she looks bright..~~  

1. [+323, -3] Congrats~ I'm supporting you

2. [+259, -5] My sincere congratulations to you for graduating~ I'll look forward to seeing you in a cool project ^^  

3. [+207, -5] Stay strong!!! 

4. [+198, -2] Congratulations, I'm supporting you  

5. [+189, -2] Congratulations on graduating...I'm supporting you...stay strong ^^

6. [+123, -3] First of all, journalist-nim thank you for being upright. There's a lot of trash journalists lately.. After seeing the title of the article, I was certain I was going to see his name included in the article but even after finishing the article, I didn't see his name anywhere. Because this is an article about Lee Yoo Young's graduation, of course there's no reason to see another name. (talks about how there's a lot of articles these days that are immoral and are click-bait so it felt refreshing seeing an article like this one) I look forward to seeing more upright articles from you. 

7. [+66, -1] I'll be supporting you. Thank you journalist-nim for writing an article that only pays attention to the graduation story and the actress. 

I just want my girl to be happy ㅠ.ㅠ