Saturday, February 10, 2018

Actress Yoon Ji Min gives an update on Go Hyun Jung's current condition after this whole ordeal and then deletes the post

Yoon Ji Min uploaded two pictures, one was a memo note with the words: 
Inconveniencing others, "how will I pay them back..."
The other picture is of Go Hyun Jung sleeping(?)/laying on the ground with the scripts for Return episode 7 and 8 next to her. 

1. [+1853, -120] Go Hyun Jung-unni, stay strong, even if you don't say anything, we know 

2. [+1765, -113] Aish I'm crying. The broadcast company is throwing away an actress. After seeing the staff's testimony, I got pissed off.

3. [+1482, -81] I'm scared actress Yoon Ji Min is also going to get targeted by the broadcast companies and journalists for no reason 

4. [+1230, -83] She's not the nation's actress for no reason, I want to see her again in a good condition

5. [+830, -54] I wish SBS would show some kind of video, there must be something  

1. [+9601, -715] I'm reassured that she has a fellow colleague who acknowledges the situation!! Go Hyun Jung stay strong 

2. [+7937, -412] I feel like Go Hyun Jung told her to delete it. 

3. [+6391, -448] It's possible Hyun Jung-unni told her to delete it~~~~take care of your health!!!

4. [+4164, -421] Stay strong~

5. [+961, -88] She must've deleted it because she thought it was inconveniencing Go Hyun Jung, fighting 

6. [+1007, -150] Upvote if you're against Go Hyun Jung leaving 'Return', downvote if you want Joo Dong Min PD to leave 

7. [+972, -136] I heard Go Hyun Jung worked without even receiving money.. Don't you feel like they're behaving like this because they think they can still achieve high ratings even with little screentime of Go Hyun Jung and because they don't want to give her money??? 

8. [+810, -96] Go Hyun Jung's teeth are straight too and she looks pretty in the pictures where she smiles. Why did they use all the unflattering pictures of her when they're covering this situation ㅋㅋ