Monday, February 19, 2018

Alberto Mondi and Sam Okyere show their love for Korea on 'Please Take Care of My Refrigerator'

1. [+1803, -46] Thank you for loving our country 💕

2. [+1508, -31] Sam Okyere is really likable~~

3. [+1062, -23] This episode was the funniest of all time 

4. [+1054, -21] Was it season 2?? I wish the members of Abnormal Summit would do the show again.. all of them 

5. [+659, -29] It's like a Korean person coming out on a foreign cooking show and eating kimchi pork (t/n: kimchi pork)

6. [+209, -8] Both 572 and Alberto are really likable ㅋㅋ I wish they would keep coming out on TV. 

7. [+153, -3] But it seems like Mikhal is really good.. He's able to keep the ingredient's features alive. He's good at grafting with Korean cuisine. He's plating and decoration is modern too.