Saturday, February 10, 2018

Baek Ji Young apologizes for her husband's actions and says she'll stand by his side

1. [+8703, -141] Ji Young-ssi, you're going through a lot. (t/n: they're basically acknowledging her hardships)

2. [+7907, -167] Bae Ji Young-ssi, you didn't do anything wrong~ No one is hating on you.. 

3. [+6032, -101] Baek Ji Young-ssi fighting you must be going through a lot

4. [+5453, -103] I believe you'll be able to get past this 

5. [+5269, -103] Jeez, Suk Won-ah, think about your wife and kid and reflect

6. [+1044, -25] If the woman is strong, I feel like the man tries to take advantage of it 

7. [+978, -11] Is she in the right mind to be able to have a concert.. this blew up right before her concert/tour was about to begin and she already pushed back this concert because of her pregnancy so she can't push it back anymore, her mentality must be going through a lot.. 

8. [+891, -21] She's the head of the household, she was the head of the household since before but she seems like a mother raising two kids