Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cho Jae Hyun admits to sexual harassment, will be leaving 'Cross'

1. [+20872, -431] If it wasn't exposed, imagine how he would've continued on with his live by making someone else experience his filthy desire. Disgusting

2. [+15149, -719] I feel like his wife and daughter are experiencing the biggest betrayal   
↪ [+2101, -18] The betrayal the victims endured must be the biggest because he was a senior who they thought they respected. 

3. [+11465, -397] I'm glad he knows that he should be embarrassed/ashamed. I hope you live the rest of your life atoning... because the victims will be experiencing hell... (t/n: by hell, the commenter means that the victims are going through a lot of hardships - not like literal, flame hell)

4. [+8346, -135] Instead of actually confessing, you got caught. Please reflect for the rest of your life and don't comeback after reflecting for a couple of years. And I hope one of the victims gets to send you to jail..... Of course, it's not an easy task. But still you still need keep monsters like him locked up forever. Not just Cho Jae Hyun but all assailants. 

5. [+5268, -70] Cho Jae Hyun-ssi, you had years and so many chances to express your regrets. Every minute, every second was your opportunity. But how did you respond when a parent was doing a single-person protest in front of your theater because you attacked their daughter? Why do you think that person stopped protesting? It's because at that time, you weren't truthfully sorry. Try to count how many victims there are, including the parents who are seeing the pain their child is experience. You gave even more pain to the victims and their family when you came out with your daughter and cosplayed as a good father. If you want to make up for that pain then responding with a couple of lines is really not enough. 
↪ [+490, -2] I really agree with you 
↪ [+673, -2] So there was a one-man protest, that was something I didn't know 
↪ [+601, -2] There was a one-man protest but it seems like no one reported about it 

6. [+3205, -41] There are people who are living with pain for the rest of their lives because you sexually harassed them but you think just because you released a few sentences apologizing, that's the end?? Even the public shouldn't have thoughts like: "I'm glad he at least issued an apology quickly~", during serious issues like this. We have make sure that they get interrogated and punished. 

7. [+3036, -39] Do you think just letting everything go is enough? You should pay time for your crimes 

8. [+2745, -38] Shouldn't you be going to prison?