Saturday, February 24, 2018

Famous Actor A has been accused of verbal sexual harassment and assaulting staff

The article says that the OP posted on an online community with the title: "#MeToo as well". The OP opened the post with: "A-ssi, who used to be a part of the Yeonhee Street Theatre Troupe but is now doing well in the film industry, how have you been? Do you remember what happened between us 7-8 years ago when we performed together?"  

They wrote (I'm translating the summary/quotes the YTN article provided):
  • When I would stretch before our performances, I would have to endure listening to your lewd jokes or hear your stories about your night with an upso ahgassi (t/n: an upso ahgassi is basically a call girl/prostitute - I'm not sure if these OP is saying he was telling her his experience with the call girls or he called her an upso ahgassi). You told an actress who was stretching, who had barely stopped being a minor (t/n: underage - like they just turned 18/legal), "you're at a good age to be a prostitute/call girl." 
  • We don't operate the equipment because it's not working but you would curse at the staff because the equipment wasn't working and hit them until they got bruises. 
  • Were you that annoyed because people took my side when they told you to apologize for verbal sexual harassment? Even if they say you're the producer, you shouldn't have done that.
  • My colleagues at that time and myself as well have all quit theater. For the past 7-8 years, I've been living life without being able to watch TV, movies, or theater performances. I lived life quietly and only breathed because I was scared I would want to start acting again and because I would remember the pain I went through.  
  • But one day, I saw your face on an advertisement on Naver, I saw your round face on a bus stop ad with you laughing. You probably already forgot about that incident, right? People complimented you for acting well and said that the movie industry has gained a supporting actor. I want to forget about it but you keep making me relive it. 
  • People compliment you saying you're good at acting in villain roles but A-ssi, you're just expressing your natural personality. I don't know if it's because you got better at acting but I heard you're now doing kind roles as well. When the Lee Yoon Taek incident broke out, you said that you got kicked out of theater company because of Lee Yoon Taek and that's why you couldn't act in theater performances anymore. But, when you acted with me, that was after you left the Yeonhee Street Theatre Troupe. And after that, you performed in a couple of more as well.  
1. [+679, -6] People are saying it's Kwak Do Won 
↪ [+124, -2] He must've learned it from the Yeonhee Street Theater Company...those scumbags.
↪ [+69, -1] The Yeonhee Street Theater Company was a gathering for criminals ㅡㅡ 

2. [+491, -6] (This commenter is basically asking if there's anyone safe out there - meaning is there anyone who isn't guilty because it feels like every time they wake up, there's more news of assault and what not.)

3. [+470, -4] I thought he was kind of thuggish but he acted as if he was a nice guy by laughing and smiling...*barfs*

4. [+422, -4] Wow this is gross and disgusting

5. [+312, -9] They're human trash that commit heinous crimes by packaging it as art   

6. [+208, -2] Kwak Do Won even assaults people, his personality must be trash, get punished

7. [+201, -2] Please expose them, we all need to make them retire. That's how things change. We can't change things with small changes. 

8. [+207, -2] Is it a Yeonhee gang? (t/n: they did a wordplay on the Korean word for theater company and gang) It seems like there's no same person in the Yeonhee Street Theater Company

9. [+191, -3] The content is just exactly Kwak Do Won 

10. [+174, -2] ㅋ did Kwak Do Won's post resurface again? I thought they buried it because the posts would disappear often